What is Clipart?

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"Clipart" or "Clip art" these words are often confronted on the internet. Even if there is not exactly a definition on every language,generally : Clipart is an illustrations that is made by clipart artist to suitable for many different things such as christmas, sun, school,animals etc. They can be purchased in some websites, or can be downloaded over the internet. That's a pretty good deal. Additionally,for free cliparts, you can visit the categories on our web.

Clip art is generally black and white color, particularly for sketched material, and often contains only 16 colors or less. New generation clip-art may be high resolution and often uses the full color spectrum.

Most clipart packages ensure the drawing in different file formats so that you can insert them into diverse word-processing systems. Royalty-free clip art is also available for free download on the Internet. Also CDs and DVDs are available for purchase which contain millions of original clip-art images for use in your projects.

Example Clip-art

What is the format of clipart files?

Actually, there are many format for "clip art" files.But the most important of them are:JPEG(.jpeg or .jpg) or Vector(.eps or .svg.). Many clip art sites now include animated GIF's.You can see which of the following sample illustrations are of better quality.

raster to svg

Where does clip art work best?

  • Presentations
  • Logos
  • When you creating infographics.
  • Business Reports
  • Mobile Apps
  • In some graphical articles
  • Who is the leader of the clipart?


    In Microsoft Office 2013, clip-art was an just online feature.However, in recent years everyone has used google search images.

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