How Microsoft Exam 70-483 Unravels Your C# Programming Knowledge?

In this world where more and more businesses count on information technology as their support system, it is nothing but fitting to counterpart such demand. Thus, many IT individuals continue to test the waters and look for ways to stretch the potential of their careers – especially in the field of programming.

But of course, getting through the IT industry is like a vicious cycle, with all the nonstop updates and trends on the market. Despite the constant change, one multinational organization has remained steadfast and reputable. And that is, no other than, Microsoft. Microsoft makes sure they cater to different professional levels, hence the numerous certification levels on offer. They have MTA newbies and MCSA for specialists with specific career goals, MCSD and MCSE for experts and developers. And without further ado, let’s get into one particular Microsoft certification and one of its equivalent exams.

What is MCSA: Web Applications?

First and foremost, MCSA certifications are considered to be introductory credentials that is why they are the most sought-after among candidates. They serve as a prerequisite to getting the credentials of the higher levels. You need to take note that even if this is an entry-level validation, a background in programming is important. MCSA: Web Applications is the specific Microsoft certification that corroborates your expertise in modern web applications. It can be obtained in two steps: first, you choose which exam to pass 70-480 (deals with programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3) or Microsoft MCSA 70-483 Exam Dumps (is focused on the Programming in C#), then take one more exam 70-486 (refers to developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications). Still, this article dwells its attention on 70-483 exam and it’s time to analyze it as well as discover how this test unravels your C# programming comprehension.

How to pass exam 70-483?

Before we get going to the ways and resources to pass this exam, you must know that exam 70-483 is intended for those with know-how in programming business logic, particularly developers. This experience must include a background in a variety of software and hardware platforms as well as application types. It is ideal if you have experienced handling program flows, errors, exceptions, data validation, data collection, arrays, variables, iteration methods and the like.

And if you think you’ve got these requisites, then you’re off to prepare for exam 70-483.

1.          Comprehend the objectives well

Exam objectives are designed to guide you to be on the right track. To direct your focus, you should know that exam 70-483 elaborates topics about programming in C#. This includes managing program flow, debugging applications, implementing data access and security and creating and managing types. There are only four main objectives for the exam but make sure to fully comprehend each topic, including its sub-areas, so that you will cover everything that might appear during the exam.

2.          Utilize different study instructional materials

With everything that is laid out in the online world, you’ll never run out of instructional materials to choose from. But before baffling your mind with the abundant selection, make sure you watch the exam prep video provided by Microsoft certification experts to have an overview and know the importance of the exam. After getting a glimpse of what the exam is all about, start reading the Exam Ref 70-483 Programming in C#. This book is proven and tested by lots of professionals and of course, by Microsoft. It features all the information you need about modern C# language and applications.

3.          Enroll in some training courses

To maximize your productivity, make sure to get some assistance from training courses. Begin with the official led-training lecture from Microsoft, which is a 5-day course that outlines the usage of C# language in creating various Windows applications. If you want a more easy-going kind of training, then the self-training course is the perfect reference for you. This one is more suitable for those with busy schedules, who want to study at their own time. Still, both training courses cover the exam’s main objectives, together with its sub-topics. Plus, you’ll also be exposed to different techniques, either basic or complex, so that you’ll gain a more in-depth understanding of Visual C# programming.

4.          UseExamSnap’s exam dumps

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5.          Join the Microsoft community

To get more updates about exam 70-483 and Microsoft as a whole, follow their online platforms and be part of some forums. Through this, you can exchange ideas and gain valuable insights from certified Microsoft professionals, who have undergone the same process as yours. Plus, it will allow you to connect to more people in the IT industry, which is highly advantageous when you get to the real market.


Passing exam 70-483 not just unlocks your C# programming knowledge but also unfolds a series of career paths and opportunities. You can be a highly-trained web developer or a competent web administrator. Whatever your choice, there’s a lot in store for you when you take on the journey of being an MCSA Web Applications certified professional. Moreover, you can boost your career moving to a new level by passing one more exam (70-487) and getting the MCSD App Builder credential. Anyway, to become Microsoft certified professional, you need to be properly prepared for the exam. For that, use the most actual materials offered on ExamSnap and success attend you!